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Have you ever experienced a break-in, or a burglary? It can be a painful experience. All of us want to make our homes, cars and commercial places as secure as possible so that such events do not occur.

Thanks to the many advances in lock technologies, we now have solutions that are near burglar-proof. So why not make the most of these devices. It would of course be a daunting task for an ordinary layman to wade through all the information in this field, you would also not have the necessary silks to know how to install these devices correctly. Badly installed, these devices can become a security hazard. So what’s the best course of action? Call Usa Locksmith Service. For the past 10 years we have been making homes, commercial premises, and vehicles secure for folks in Irvine, CA area.

We, at Usa Locksmith Service, have been a trusted name in the locksmith services in the Irvine, CA area for the past 10 years now. Over these years, we have grown into a fair-sized team of professional locksmiths and a fleet of fully equipped mobile units that have become a common sight all over the Irvine, CA area. When you call, we dispatch one of these mobile unit and one of our locksmiths, to your location. They now have a reputation for arriving within 15-20 minutes of you making a call. 

We have also become the trusted name to call on when there’s an emergency lockout situation – related to your vehicle, home or commercial premise. Our services are available 24*7. 365 days a year. Even on holidays such as Christmas and the 4th of July. Our rates too are competitive, even though we provide 24*7 service, we don’t charge a premium for that. Our services are affordable, and should you need new locks installed, we always keep your budget limitations in mind and try to get you the best value for that budget.

Our locksmiths, before becoming a part of our team, were fully trained according to the norms of the industry which has laid down the guidelines for professional locksmithing. Our locksmiths also regularly take part in conferences, so as to ensure that our workers are abreast of the newest advancement in locksmithing and related services. We always ensure that our workers are able enough to not just solve the small problems but also larger and more complicated ones when it comes to locksmithing. 
Give Usa Locksmith Service’s services a try and be assured of maximum satisfaction with our work!

Emergency Locksmith:

One of our most visible services and probably the most demanded-for services is our 24*7 emergency locksmith services. It’s available for you 24x7, throughout the Irvine, CA area. It’s available 365 days a year, even on holidays. Whatever your locksmith service emergency, count on us to be by your side quickly and find a solution. That’s what folks in Irvine, CA have been doing for the past 10 years now. We’ll be at your location in 30 minutes, with a well-equipped mobile unit to deal with whatever the problem may be.

Security Professionals:

Our locksmiths are thorough security professionals. Picking locks open, making sophisticated transponder keys from scratch, making duplicate keys, and extracting broken keys are just a small part of their capabilities. These locksmiths have spent many hours of study in the art of how locks work, how break-ins happen, how burglars think, etc. As a result, they can pre-empt a break-in or burglary with prompt, swift installations of the right locking devices. It really does pay to call them over and have them do a full survey of your premises. 

What exactly does a locksmith do?

The art and science of locksmithing is age-old and traditional. There have been many famous names in this field. Basically a locksmith is an expert in locks and locking devices. As a result the locksmith is also the person one calls when locks and locking devices have to be repaired or installed. Unfortunately, some people feel that’s all they need a locksmith for. That’s not entirely correct. If you take the full services and advice of a locksmith, you will discover many different ways to make your premises more secure. The advice they give, and the devices they install will help you get more peace of mind. 

For a wide range of lock and locksmith services, give us a call just like hundreds in Irvine, CA area have been for over 10 years now!


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